Venus Foods

Anson Rd.

May 2010 visit
This is a kebab place attached to a Turkish supermarket. The lamb doner is excellent. It's freshly made - as opposed to the prepackaged elephant's foot - and has a nice savoury flavour.  The staff here refer to the doner as a shawarma, although it is doner on the menu. The bread is thick and tasty, and not of the the packet pitta variety. You get plenty of decent salad, and the chilli sauce is nice with a bit of a kick to it. On the down side, they do not serve yoghurt with the kebabs, and the place is also pretty expensive at £4.90 for donner kebabs. However, the food is worth it, and we will be back to try (amongst other things) the kofta kebabs.

Scores out of 10
Meat 9.0
Bread 7.5
Salad/Sauces 7.5
Service/Setting 7.5
Average 7.9

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  1. I like Venus, not for the kebab section but the actual supermarket has some good med produce.

    Only downside is the not so friendly Turkish women at the tills.

  2. I have to say that we enjoyed the kebabs when we went to this place. The shop section had a lot of authentic food, but we were more interested in assessing the hot kebab part of Venus Foods.

  3. Haven't been to Venus for about 6 months but i enjoyed it so much felt an urge to post.

    You must order a donner, despite what you get elsewhere! It is excellent, well flavoured if not a touch on the greasy side. The bread is authentic and different- a sesame seed turkish flat bread...almost like a foccacia. The sauce was very disappointing. In fact i had to ask for some to be put on and then had to go back for more....either there wasn't enough or i couldn't taste it.
    The highlight is the salad...can salad ever be a highlight in a kebab? Well Venus proves it can. They have put so much imagination into it. Its lots of pickled veg and fresh cabbage and lettuce. Even includes gherkins!! What a revelation...gherkins AND kebab. All round very good and would defo recommend. When there are so many sh*t donners around take the opportunity to have a proper one.
    Meat 7.5
    Bread 7.5
    Salad 9
    Sauce 4

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