Buffet City

Portland Street, Manchester

This place does pretty mediocre, standard chinese takeaway type stuff. It's kind of like being in a MacDonald's too - big, bright and noisy. So why go? Well, you eat as much as you want for £5.50 a head. Like the other all-you-can-eat-buffet type deals the emphasis is on quantity and price being high and low (in that order) - which is undeniably attractive to those with big appetites and not a lot of cash. After 6PM the price hikes up to £8.90 and more expensive items, such as duck, become available for the evening trade. There's not much to say about the place other than the obvious - if you want better food go elsewhere and pay more. If you've not booked anywhere, you're starving, aren't that bothered about quality and want feeding quickly this is not a bad option and certainly preferable to most fast food outlets.

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