Hope Inn

Chester Rd.

This is a very traditional pub in an area just outside the city centre (between Castlefield and Old Trafford). The only real ale served is Hydes. The front bar area is small, and there is a larger back room with a dart board and bench seating against the wall. There are wooden floors throughout, and the place looks handsome enough.  On this visit the place was very quiet and the barmaid was friendly. This is a well looked after pub, and it has clearly avoided the kind of disastrous refurbishment that was so common a few years ago. A decent boozer.

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  1. Sadly no more, the upper floor having been removed and rebuilt, though the downstairs windows seem to have been kept. Now in alternative use. This was the last but one pub in the Cornbrook area- now the Pomona Palace has also gone so there are no pubs along this stretch of road from town (Knott Bar etc) to Trafford Bar.