The Beech Inn

Beech Road, Chorlton.
October 2011 - We're really glad this place is back on track. The only really good real pub in this area. If you've not been for a while give it a go. No coffee, no cakes but plenty of real ale, friendly folk and a great traditional pub setting.

Update - August 2010
A new landlord (yes another) has been here for five weeks. The place is quiet but good - the ale was excellent and on this quiet wednesday there was an enjoyable folk night. I know you've heard it all before but hopefully The Beech is on it's way back to being a good local community boozer. 
This was once a very good pub. It's in a decent spot and has a few hand pumps for guest ales. The place looks alright - particularly the small room off from front bar. From the outside it seems like a very traditional local boozer. Indeed, it's a fairly small place that should be perfect for a few quiet pints. However, there have been a few undesirables hanging around this place in recent years, which has led to a threatening atmosphere. The room at the back of the bar has a large TV screen, which is always a bad sign. There might regularly be a couple of real ales on, but this is far from a welcoming pub. Let's hope things change in here soon because the Beech is potentially a good boozer.

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