AQSA Chippy & Spice Grill

Great Stone Road, Stretford.

CLOSED -Lasted about 6 Months.

JUNE 2010 - They had no curries or kebabs (except elephants foot doner) - I left. Seems they're concentrating on the chippy sifde of things, shame.

Well no sooner did we review Yianni’s than it closed – days later it reopened as AQSA (an Islamic holy place in Jerusalem – if you’re interested). It’s a bit hard to tell what’s going on here. After literally 2 days closed this place has reopened as something else.  Seemingly a Pakistani kebab/chippy place. Which is something we’ve never encountered before, hence it's in the sundries section. They’ve kept most of the fixtures from before – even the menu on the wall, presumably that at least will be changed in the near future. The only obvious difference from the front is the removal of the grill (precisely what I’d do when opening a ‘Spicy Grill’!). however in its place is pretty much the only thing better – a tandoor. The draw back to this is that it seems everything will be cooked in the tandoor and to save time the large seekhs or kobedas (hard to tell) were pre-cooked then microwaved. It wasn’t until this process was happening that I saw the fresh stuff hanging up in the fridge - skewers of meat, chicken legs and chops. Onion bhajis wand samosas looked home made and rather than the usual microwaving were crisped up in the chippy fryer. I love it when a plan comes together!  I’ve really no idea how this place will work out – it may try hard and be good or lower standards and end up pre-cooking and microwaving everything. Hard to tell at the moment. Lets hope the latter.

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