The Parlour

Beech Road, Chorlton
 Winner Best Pub MFDF11

Fish & Chips, very enjoyable, £10.50

April 2012
- In short, we come loads, eat resonably regularly and drink their good and varied range of well kept ale. What more do you want? If it's Weatherspoons prices then go there.

November 2011
Quality Sunday Roast. Went for the beef. I guess the only criticisms I could make are ones of personal preference rather than anything else - which are probably based on what I had growing up - ie. no mash, all roasties. The Parlour includes mash and roasties and mashed carrots & swede with whole parsnips - I guess they're covering all the angles. The main bits - the meat, the yorkshire pud etc. were pretty much flawless. In short, very good, loved it. £10.50

After getting mini samples at the birthday party - and being very impressed I thought it was time to try a burger. Top notch, really was. The meat was excellent, seemingly hand cut or something - definitely not cheap mince - and referred to on the menu as a 'steak burger' - I can't honestly say I could identify the cut of steak after the process of turning it into a burger - but it worked, tasty and juicy. Recommended.

October 2011
Extensive research has led me to conlcude that The Parlour has the best selection of ale in this vicinity. It is genuinely varied, with a good mix of light and dark - even featuring a few milds, without resorting to the staples of Marble, Phoenix or Pictish. Someone's doing their homework and it's working.

June 2011
As a modern business and a favourite of the Twitterati there’s not much I can add to comments on The Parlour that haven’t been made by many others – so I’ll be brief.
After opening up in August 2010 the Parlour settled into being one of the best bars in Chorlton – a good selection of well kept local and seasonal ales along with a European lagers and decent wine list. The staff are attentive and friendly. The food is good and provided within a spacious and tastefully decorated setting. Is it a restaurant or a bar with good food? Or even a pub? – We don’t know, a bar with good food probably fits the best. A really good spot.

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