NEW Shalimar

Junction of Claremont Rd and Princess Rd. Moss Side.

Chicken Shawarma £3

I've been passed this place plenty - it definitely meets the criteria. Fresh Kebabs, tandoor bread, low key - all the usual stuff. However I feel I've been elsewhere bound every time. This Friday was the same, I was on my way to the Fallowfield Saajan - saw this place yet again and finally stopped. I was very glad I did. There's nothing particularly remarkable about the place, the picture pretty much tells you everything you need to know. But it does what it does well. Fresh bread from the clay oven is always a winner. Tasty, succulent meat, a decent sauce selection and crisp salad pretty much completes a perfect picture. A mere £3. Perfect. The starters were good too - my standard combo of 1 samosa and 1 shami was only £1.20 too. No faults, no complaints. Recommended. 

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