Chilli Sauce

Right, I'm not quite sure where I'm going with this, but the vague idea at the moment is trying to find the best chilli sauce - WITHOUT going massively specialist or expensive.

Round 1.

Dunn's River: Jamaican Style Hot Sauce £0.59
Initial impression is of a very familisr flavour. If you've had chilli sauces you've had something similar to this. It does what it's supposed to and only 59p.

 A Dash of Wahaca: Smoky Chipotle Chile Sauce £1.32
Fantasic - if you want smoky, which I'm quite up for. Has a much more natural smoky taste than many barbecue sauces - really tasted like smoked pimenton. Impressive. However it could have a bit more chilli strength.

Tropical Sun: Peri Peri Sauce £ £0.99
The fruitiness of this sauce lifts it above some competitors, strong whck of citrus in there. Like it - strong effort from a realtively generic brand.

Holy Cow: Himalayan Hot Garlic £1 (Currently on promotion with 1/3 off)
S'Good - tastes essentially of what it's supposed to: chilli and garlic. Like the chilli dipping sauce you always wanted with Asian Type dumplings, but rarely got. The largest bottle and great value at £1 (albeit an offer) - however, it will linger in the mouth like only raw garlic can. Whether you're bothered about that or not is your problem.


  1. I cant get enough of extra garlic sriracha. The light brown lid in this photo:

    Available in chinatown.

  2. Fruitececs on Copson Street in Withington has a massive variety of cheap but tasty hot sauces, also stocks some of the nicest pitta bread I've tried in a long time. Perfect for making your own fiery dips.